So…My cell phone camera is eating my pictures.  I guess it is good news that the food I’m shooting is attractive enough that the camera doesn’t want to share.  Dan and I played Open Table Roulette again.  This time Open Table led us to Bittersweet Restaurant. 

We headed off to South Pennsylvania late on Thursday and after a little bit of hunting for a parking spot we made our way into Bittersweet.  There were two separate dining rooms and I didn’t see in the other one, but the room we were in was intimate with huge windows, a small fireplace and a really cool chandelier.  I also loved the salt holder.  So unique, and of course my phone didn’t eat that picture, just the one of my food!
We visited on the first day of a new seasonal menu so a few dishes weren’t available.  But that only helped us narrow our choices down from 5 to 3 dishes.  We were both eyeing two of those three dishes so we decided to share.  I ordered the scallops served over bacon artichoke risotto.  I loved the scallops, they were perfectly charred and had a very satisfying flavor.  Dan thought they were a little chewy.  We both agreed that the risotto was amazing, and I’d love to recreate it at home. 

Dan ordered the roasted duck breast over sweet potato spaetzle and cherry reduction.
The duck breast was smooth and savory.  The skin had more flavor than any chicken skin I’ve had, it kind of reminded me of bacon.  I’ve been dreaming of spaetzle since I saw it on Smitten Kitchen recently and so I was glad to have an opportunity to satisfy my craving.

We would have stayed for dessert but couldn’t agree on one to share.  There was a chocolate layer cake that we both eyed but it had peanut butter mousse in it so we passed and decided to stop by Sweet Action on our way home.  yum!

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