Truffle Mac n Cheese

While I’m becoming more and more of a foodie, I still have some guilty pleasures, most notably Cheetos and the blue box macaroni and cheese. There is something about the electric orange fake cheese that gets me every time.  Unfortunately, I married a man who despises electric orange fake cheese and won’t help me eat any of it.  For the longest time I thought Dan just hated macaroni and cheese, not that he didn’t like the boxed stuff.
Once we uncovered that his aversion was just to the fake stuff I decided that I needed to make it from scratch.  However, I was intimidated by the amount of time it would take to make it from scratch instead of from a box, and so like many things, I put it off.
It wasn’t until I came across this recipe from Melissa Clark that I realized that maybe homemade mac n cheese wasn’t so hard after all.  The longest part of the process was the shredding of the cheese (I used a micro plane to make sure the cheese was shredded finely and to help the cheese melt) and the boiling of the water.  Instead of heavy cream I used some half and half (we didn’t have any milk in the house or else I would have used that). 

At the last minute I decided to replicate the dish I had at Rack and Rye and add some truffle oil.  I thought that I had added the perfect amount, but Dan thought it was a little overpowering.   
I have to agree with Melissa Clark and say that this recipe took the same, if not less, time than the boxed stuff.  I think I am converted!  Next time you are craving the blue box step away and try this out at home.

Recipe Link
 Easy Mac n Cheese from Melissa Clark

Have you converted a packaged comfort food into a homemade treat?  If so, leave a link in the comments!