Rack and Rye

Dan here today.   A few weeks ago Beth bought a Groupon for a new restaurant downtown called Rack and Rye.  It advertised itself as a gastropub, which apparently means they serve fancified variations on comfort food.  When we got there, it was pretty empty, and we were quickly directed to a cozy booth in one corner of the restaurant, where we perused a couple of menus.  Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that many of the restaurant’s offerings included the words “curry”, “Thai”, or “asian”.  As I mentioned here, Asian flavors and I often don’t get along well, so I decided to steer clear of them when I ordered.  Beth and I split some homemade fries for an appetizer, and then she ordered the truffle mac and cheese, while I decided to get the chicken and waffles.
The verdict:  Beth’s mac and cheese was delicious, although it’s hard to mess something up when truffle oil is involved.  I liked my waffles, but the chipotle flavor in the fried chicken was overwhelming and a bit off-putting.  I would have been happier with regular fried chicken instead.  Overall the atmosphere was pretty good, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the food.  I don’t think we’ll go back, but if you like Asian flavors it’s probably worth checking out.

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