Mermaid Bakery Cupcakes

I met up with my friend Annissa for lunch a few weeks ago on a bright spring-like afternoon.  After mediocre food for lunch Annissa mentioned picking up some cupcakes for dessert.  I can locate great cookies, frozen yogurt and ice cream but I am not in on the whole downtown Denver cupcake scene.  We googled cupcakes and picked the store closest to us.  Mermaids Bakery is tucked away inside the entrance of a non-descript building once inside it still looked like it was under construction, there were no labels on the trays of cupcakes and it appeared that the showroom was also the kitchen. 
We were amazed that when my friend mentioned that she didn’t see her favorite cupcake flavor combination(yellow cake with chocolate buttercream) they immediately offered to make it for her.  I was lucky enough to see my favorite combo and immediately asked for the Wedding Day (vanilla cupcake and vanilla buttercream).
I took my little treat back to the office but couldn’t wait any longer to dig in.  I told myself that I would just eat a bite and save it over the afternoon.  Needless to say, that didn’t work.  I believe the cupcake was gone in 10 minutes.  Too bad it takes more than 10 minutes to burn off the calories!

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