just what the doctor ordered

Did you know that Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards? Dan knows just how to cheer me up after a super long day.  Monday was definitely one of the longer and more stressful days in recent history and Dan had a plan.  Specifically, a new restaurant and some sweet action.  I know it is still the dead of winter, but Denver has been blessed with 50 and 60 degree days so we headed down to our favorite ice cream Shoppe.

First, we went out to dinner at a new to us place called Interstate Kitchen and Bar.  There were a few options that intrigued me, but I ended up picking some comfort food: tomato soup and grilled cheese.  Dan chose the cheese steak and enjoyed it, although the fries were a bit overcooked and my droid camera decided to censor the sandwich.(it was a bit of a hot mess)

I have a love hate relationship with cooked tomatoes but since I’ve started making my own food I realized that tomato soup and marinara sauce are not much different.  The waiter said that this soup had a kick and so I took a chance.  My love of grilled cheese is well documented so I didn’t need to make any justifications about that choice. 

 Surprisingly enough the soup was my favorite part of the meal.  The bread on the grilled cheese was too thick for the amount of the cheese and I ended up ripping off the bread and just eating the cheese parts. Boo!  The soup had a very nice spicy kick to it and I would have finished it if Dan hadn’t given me “that look.”  He has perfected the “I’m so hungry” look and sometimes I give in.  I gave in this time because of what was yet to come…SWEET ACTION!

Yes, that needs to be in all caps.  Just to demonstrate why it is so awesome, listen to some of the options. Mascarpone blackberry chili, smoked porter s’mores, browned butter sage, stranaham’s whisky brittle, double berry and garam masala. That’s just a few options. I tasted both the smoked porter s’mores and the browned butter sage and picked the sage ice cream.  It tasted just like the browned butter sage ravioli Dan made me last year (it had pieces of sage mixed in).  I had no idea that I would like savory ice cream, but I enjoyed each spoonful.  However, it was so rich that I couldn’t finish my scoop.  I hate throwing away delicious food, but it is better than  packing on the calories!

The droid was really afraid of Dan’s food choices tonight and ate his ice cream picture!  Thank you Dan for such a wonderful end to a long and stressful day!

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