Fruit Bears

Snacks have no chance of survival in my house.  Such was the fate of the Let’s Do Organics gummy bears that came in the Edward & Sons package.  I worked my way through all three boxes in just over a week.  Each box came with four small bags inside.  These bags helped immensely with my self control.
lets do organics12
Of the three I thought that I’d like the sour gummy bears the least.  As it turns out it was the Classic that I liked the third best. They had a bit of an aftertaste when the other flavors did not.
lets do organics9lets do organics10
The Jelly bears were my favorite.  I’m a sucker for sugar and jelly. yum!  The sour bears surprised me, they were almost as good as the jelly ones with a little bit of a kick.lets do organics16

While these are definitely not low calorie (between 100-200 calories per packet) but I didn’t feel * as * guilty eating these because I could pronounce all of the ingredients.

I would definitely buy these if I saw them in the store, I’m not sure if I’d go so far as ordering them online.