Fleur Bistro, Denver CO

I have been walking to work since we moved to Denver.  I only live about a mile from my office and it’s pretty much a straight line, so I can’t switch up the walk very much.  For the first year I walked past an empty flower shop that was up for sale and I would dream about buying it.  I don’t know why, but I would love to live in a non-traditional location.  I think it was the turret that held my interest so much. 

Unfortunately it was a wee bit out of our price range, and it is not a house. Thankfully someone else bought it and decided to open up a restaurant in the first floor.  Fleur Bistro opened up in December with no fanfare, and I kept thinking up excuses to check it out.  It wasn’t until February that I got to go the first time with some friends (no pictures though).  We were all pleasantly delighted by our choices.  I shared a cheese plate and a smoked salmon plate.  Both were delicious and there was enough food to feed two of us.  The four of us split a pear tart for dessert and not a crumb remained!

It was definitely good enough to go back.  Dan and I decided to go back for brunch last weekend and we were happy to find a place that did not have a line out the door.  I started the morning with some bottomless mimosas and Dan started with straight-up OJ.  Unfortunately it took a long time for the drinks to make it to us.  Since we were getting hungry, we decided to order our food quickly in hopes of not waiting too long to eat.
Unfortunately, the almost-full front room seemed to be a little too much for the one chatty waiter to handle, and we waited and waited for our food to come.   I was glad it was brunch and not lunch on a weekday.
The food was standard brunch fare but pretty good.  I ordered the Bistro Special: two eggs, a potato cake, and a biscuit.  I chose the eggs to be over medium, and they were delightfully runny but not too much so.  The potato cake had a few levels of flavor and was the best form of breakfast potatoes that I’ve had in awhile.  The biscuit was huge and at first I was sad that I didn’t get any jelly; however, it had so much flavor that it didn’t need butter or jelly.  I used it to clean up the leftover yolk on my plate, and it was perfect.  I let Dan have one bite.  Only one.

To the shock of our waiter Dan ordered two breakfasts, a savory and a sweet dish.  First, he ordered an omelet.  He didn’t specify, but it came as an egg-white omelet.  Maybe the waiter thought he needed to save his calories for the sweet breakfast?

Dan’s sweet breakfast was the Pear Brioche French Toast.  It’s nice to know that when something says it contains brioche, it is probably super caloric.  I’m sure that is one of the reasons he picked it.  It arrived as a big mound of bread, pears, whipped cream, maple syrup and cream cheese.  Yum!  This is the reason I would want to be a serious athlete.

Needless to say, Dan protected his French toast from me and I only got one bite.  It was a good bite!   We were thankful for our walk home so that we could start burning off our calories.  I definitely think we’ll go back but only when we have a lot of time to spend there.  

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