Argyll Restaurant

Dan here today.  Beth and I don’t go to Cherry Creek that much, mainly because parking down there is a nightmare, and cruising the streets looking for a spot tends to make me a bit cranky.  Sure enough, when we headed down to Cherry Creek to eat at Argyll, I spent a good 5 or 10 minutes searching for a spot.  Thus, I was not in a great mood when we entered the restaurant, which billed itself as a “gastro-pub”.  Fortunately, things turned around when I looked at the menu.  I believe this was shortly after I had developed my lamburger obsession, so when I saw the Argyll burger on the menu, which was a lamb and beef patty with an assortment of toppings, I knew I had to have it.  When it came out, I was not disappointed.  I could definitely taste the lamb in the burger, and the toppings, while they sounded a bit unusual, complemented the burger nicely.

Beth decided to go for some fish and chips.  I had a couple of bites, and those were merely okay, but a bit lacking in flavor.  Still, any place that serves a lamburger is okay in my book, so we’d probably go back if we didn’t have to brave the nightmare that is Cherry Creek.