scrub a dub dub

I’m trying to find some good replacement for the chemical cleaners, I found a good All purpose cleaner replacement (although I hate the spray bottle, I need to replace it).  I’ve had a few fails.  My dishwasher soap doesn’t seem to clean and leaves my dishes cloudy and my deodorant replacement gave me a rash.  Yup, total fail.


One amazing success story is my scrubber replacement.  I hate the permeating smell of the bleach cleaners that I use in the bathrooms, they always gave me a headache.  Plus, none of them really made a difference with stains.  I’ve tried so many different bleaches and still haven’t found any that would suffice.  Both our bathtub and kitchen sink both had stubborn stains that I couldn’t get rid of with the regular treatments. One scrub with this new mixture and voila, perfectly white and clean basins.  I was worried about how the scrubber would store, I would like to report that it stored perfectly for about a month, all I needed to do was give it a quick stir with a fork and it was ready to go again.

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from edible perspective


1 part baking soda (I started off with a Tablespoon)

1 part  Castile Soap

12 drops orange essential oil



combine the ingredients in a jar with a lid and mix until combined.  Spread the scrubber mixture on a sponge or washcloth and rub until the stain is gone and then rinse it off.


What was your green clean best success and/or biggest failure?