My over-imagination

I have a habit of finding ways to avoid things that intimidate me and not face them head on.  Sometimes this is related to work, sometimes it manifests itself in social situations and sometimes in my fun time.  I mean, what do I have to lose by failing a baking project?  Nothing, but since it intimidated me I avoided it.  I think that this is related to my extremely active imagination.  I can picture the worst case scenario in any situation. 

However, I’m realizing that things are not always as bad as they seem.  Does anyone notice the notes that sometimes accompany recipes regarding altitude conversions?  Does that intimidate anyone else? Having grown up at sea level I never gave it much thought and for the first two years that we lived at 5,280 feet we avoided making baked goods. It took us awhile to realize that the 5,280 feet of Denver does not often make much difference, not like the 7,300 feet that our friends live at
I can’t believe I avoided baking for two years because of a fear that my project won’t work out.  I’m thankful that I have overcome that fear in the kitchen.Of course now that I have said this it is guaranteed that my next baking project will explode or implode or something. 
crusty bread6
Crusty bread was the epitome of baking.  I think it is how much the bread needs to rise that intimidated me for so long.  When I saw this recipe I decided that it looked too easy to not try.  I have a soft spot for freshly baked bread and so I wanted to be able to make it at home and to get used to the basic recipe so I can add my own seasonings.
crusty bread11
The first batch of bread was a semi-fail.  I was testing things out and did not realize that the dough wouldn’t rise once I formed it.  I was left with a short baguette that Dan felt like was too small to eat.

I’m not one to waste food if I can help it so I chopped it up and made some croutons.  Delicious!  I should note that I figured out my mistake before I made the second batch and it came out perfectly.  Too perfectly since I ate three slices of bread while I was photographing!

Crusty Bread