knowing is half the battle

Dan and I had a lot of fun making our Valentine’s Day dinner.  One of the best things about making food from scratch is that I learn what is in all of the ingredients that I see on menus and in stores.  Sometimes it’s positive and sometimes I get shocked.

Brioche is one food that shocked me.  It sounds relatively innocent.  And bread is all essentially the same, right?  Definitely not.  My sandwich bread recipe is pretty basic no surprises and it packs a decent nutritional punch.  On the other hand, brioche is made with 2 sticks of butter and six eggs.

That’s right, there is as much butter in brioche as in puff pastry.  Needless to say I have no need to finish either loaves of the brioche.  Thankfully, Dan needs those extra calories and so having a slice of bread cost 170 calories works well for him!  It also works well for me because now I will either avoid or save up calories for brioche.

My only complaint about this bread is that it was super dense. I ended up eating only about 1 slice maybe 1.5 it was just too much food!

Brioche recipe from My Madison Bistro
I estimated the calories based on 24 servings, I got about 12 slices out of the bread and I made six buns, so it was 170 calories per half of bun.

Nutritionals: Calories: 170, Fat 9, Carb 17, Fiber 1, Protein 4