Butternut Squash and Black Bean Chili

blackbean chili6
Dan here today.  Recently Beth and I have taken a few tentative steps up the cooking magazine pyramid.  While Real Simple will probably always be my favorite source of recipes (mainly because they are really simple), Beth recently got a subscription to Bon Appetit (you can tell it’s fancy because the title is in French).   I dipped my toe in the water of fanciness with this chili recipe.  It used a few more ingredients than I’m used to, but it’s still far fewer than you would find in, say, a Rachael Ray recipe (I still don’t understand how you could make any of her meals in 30 minutes unless you had a sous chef to chop everything for you).  Anyway, before I get too parentheses happy,  here is a link to the recipe.
blackbean chili7
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the recipe was to make.  Even though there were a lot of ingredients, most of them didn’t require any prep work, and I was able to chop the garlic while the onion was softening.  The chipotle peppers were a bit unpleasant to work with, as their smokiness was pretty overpowering right out of the can, but once they went into the pot I didn’t have any problems with them.  The chili itself was hearty and extremely filling despite having no meat.  In fact, it was a little too filling in my opinion, since I was stuffed before I could get the number of calories I needed.  The chopped red onion on top also added a nice flavor, although I made the mistake of cutting up the entire onion and storing it in the fridge until we finished it.  Two days later, the entire fridge still smells like onion.  In fact, Beth said she could taste it in her salad, which merely occupied an adjacent shelf.  Perhaps I should splurge on an onion keeper.

From Bon Apetit Magazine