Bistro One

Dan and I travel quite a bit and you would think that we would get in the habit of eating home cooked meals right before and right after the trips.  But we seem to constantly be compelled to eat out more.  Maybe we are tired after long days of travelling, maybe it’s just because we leave the fridge empty even when we go away for just a few days. 

That is what brought us to Bistro One.  We’re on a recent kick to try new place so we played Open Table Roulette.  Have you ever played?  We picked a time, a neighborhood and picked randomly off the list.  Of course we did check the menus first and I was caught by the appetizer list from Bistro One

We have both had so many burgers lately that we wanted to branch out and so I tried something new.  I hate committing to only one flavor for dinner so I convinced Dan to get two appetizers and instead of an entrée I got a small salad.  Three different dishes but not all of the calories!  Dan on the other hand, was starving and so this worked out well for him too.  Of course, he did eat an entrée.

The first dish that caught my eye was the crawfish mac n cheese.  I love mac n cheese in all forms and this one did not disappoint.  It was rich and creamy and the crawfish was not too fishy and full of flavor.
bistro one-194021

The waitress promised that there were a lot of specials and one special, fried mozzarella with basil olive oil and marinara dipping sauce.  I love fried mozzarella and the basil olive oil was a perfect touch. 
bistro one-194030

For my entrée, I picked the small house salad that consisted of poached pears, candied almonds and blue cheese.  It was the perfect size and was bursting with flavor.  I picked so well.
bistro one-195917

Dan decided to order the cubano sandwich.  The sandwich was delicious but too big for even Dan, he finished, but barely.
bistro one-195922

Unfortunately we didn’t have any room for dessert and so we left the dinner completely satisfied.  I guess we’d better get back in the habit of cooking meals at home again!  Also, I need to get back in the habit of taking pictures with my real camera and not my phone!

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