to clean or not to clean

A few years ago I got a book about bad roommates and one of the stories was about a roommate that wouldn’t wash the soap off dishes.  The result seemed to be worse than not washing at all, they all got the runs.  This is an appetizing story, no?  Well have no fear, there are no edible pictures today.  Today is all about a new all purpose cleaner.

Our kitchen is really small and so the one counter needs to be cleaned a lot.  It makes me super nervous to have all of those chemicals on the counter with my food and so I was trying to always have another surface between the food and the counter.  Totally annoying. 

When we were running low on our chemical cleaner, I decided to check out a recipe for all purpose cleaner and I found one repeated a lot and now I’ll share it with you.
All Purpose Cleaner

1 cup vinegar
Juice of 1 lemon
1 cup water
drops of lemon essential oil (I like how fresh lemon smells, but another oil would work too)

I added a lot of essential oil to counteract the vinegar smell and it seems to work nicely.  I no longer worry about the chemicals on the counters and it is fabulous. 

Win!  There are a few other cleaning recipes I’ve been trying, and I’m most excited about the deodorant and the dish washer detergent, but I want to use them for a few weeks first.  So as I check them out I will share them with you.