January in Review

I don’t do resolutions, mostly because I forget about them and not doing them.  Instead, I have a plan to focus more and do one thing each week.  So, how did I do in January?  Pretty well

Weekend #1:  I bought macro tubes last summer when I was taking my food photography class and totally forgot about them.  I have been mostly using my 50mm lens but decided to switch things up and try my 70-200 lens with the tubes.  I need to get better at switching up my lenses for different shots.  The biggest difference was my ability t frame the shot perfectly and not have to crop very much.  For comparison, the two shots below were taken with the 50mm.  The image on the left is Straight Out of the Camera (SOOC) and the one on the right is my cropped image.lasagna221
butternut squash lasagna-004

But with the extension tubes, I was able to taken the original picture much closer
donutmuffins223donut muffins2

Weekend #2:  For week two I decided to make a healthier recipe.  Of course, a healthier recipe doesn’t really mean it’s lower calorie.

Weekend #3:  I woke up one day this weekend craving donut muffins but I balked when I saw the calories.  They ended up pretty tasty but not quite as craveworthy as I’m sure the original one.
donut muffins3

Weekend #4:  Dan and I headed to Roatan, Honduras last weekend so no cooking and no working on Photoshop, instead I wanted to try to do something new with my camera.  For Christmas, my dad got me Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Box Set and I was excited to dig in.  I haven’t really worked on exposure compensation before and I thought that a sunset walk would be a great opportunity to test it out.  The picture on the left was taken on automatic, the one on the right was taken with some exposure compensation. 
I am learning what I need to know as I know it and since I usually shoot inside with special lights and a tripod so learning how to use my camera in less than ideal light was a great practice.

Weekend #5:  I have been struggling with white balance lately, I have been spending way too much time in Camera Raw futzing with the white balance.  I have known for awhile that I need to use a grey card and I don’t know what took me so long.  It was so easy.  All I did was take a picture of the grey card and click white balance tool on the corner that says camera raw.
almond butter12
Then I just synchronize the white balance on all of the other images.
almond butter15almond butter14
Now to work on fixing my exposure, I’m changing up my set up to work on improving my images.

I’m going to focus on skill and technique for the month of February, I am registered for a workshop and I have some ideas about new recipes to try out.

How are you doing on your new years resolutions?