harsh lessons

I’ve been learning a lot of lessons lately.  I’m realizing that for the most part lessons are a bit painful.  Some are lessons that I learn by working in a new arena.  Some lessons are a result of carelessness and forgetting earlier lessons.  A recent baking experiment came about as a part of the latter.

I am trying to make some basic staples and some new recipes that will teach me new techniques.  This evening I was baking some breakfast treats.  Buttermilk Biscuits and Orange Marmalade.
buttermilk biscuits-004
The biscuits were really easy but not as tasty as the ones I made a few weeks ago.  Can’t win them all!  Also, I did not learn my lesson.  I made these biscuits too small, I need to stop rolling the dough out so small!
buttermilk biscuits-006
The marmalade, on the other hand, taught me a valuable lesson.  The first lesson that I learned was that jams, jellies and marmalades are made in bulk for a reason.  They are really time intensive!  Between sanitizing the jars, peeling the oranges and lemons and the cook time, this project took most of the night.
buttermilk biscuits-005
It was after 11 when when I finally put the mason jars with the finished marmalade into the sanitizing water for the last time.  I was cleaning up the kitchen and wasn’t thinking when I tried to take the jars out of the pot.  I only had some tongs and while they worked for bringing out the empty jars they were not strong enough for the full ones.  I got a jar part way out of the water when it slipped and splashed boiling hot water all over me.
How did I not see that coming?!  I figured out a way around it (empty the water and then remove the jars.  duh!) but I was left burned for my stupidity.  I did get a chance to taste test the marmalade and the biscuit together.  Despite all my issues, the combination was perfection. The hint of lemon in the marmalade was a bright surprise every few bites.
Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe from For the Love of Cooking
yields 2 dozen
Nutritionals(per biscuit): Cals: 75, Fat: 3, Carb: 12, Protein: 2

Orange Marmalade Recipe from The Year in Food
yields 3 pints
Nutritionals(2 T serving): Cals: 76, Carb: 20, Fiber: 1, Protein: 1.