Grown Up S’mores

The past few weeks I have been working to expand my horizons by trying new things that intimidate me.  Well, things that don’t involve frying, at least.  I still won’t fry things, but I thought that maybe I’d give candy making a try.  I’ve been seeing people making caramels and marshmallows at home and they looked delicious, so I thought I'd see if I could make them myself.
I made three attempts at caramels.  The first one was too hard and the second one was too soft, but finally, like Goldilocks, I made a batch that was just right.  More on the first and third batches later, but thankfully, I was able to repurpose the soft batch, which were chocolate caramels.  I made them the same week I was making homemade graham crackers and homemade marshmallows.

I was worried about overcooking the chocolate caramels and instead I wound up undercooking them, so that they turned into sort of a chocolate caramel soup.  I tried freezing them to firm them up but was unsuccessful, so instead, I served them on spoons or as part of a s’more!  They tasted amazing, despite the fact that they never hardened up, although I only ate a few and then threw out the rest.   Thinking back I should have saved them to incorporate into some of the energy bars that I’m making for Dan.  These would have come out correctly if I had had a better candy thermometer, or was better at figuring out when caramels were done (drop some caramel in ice water and have it form a soft bubble? That didn’t work so well for me…)

The marshmallows came out perfectly.  I have to warn you that they did not smell all that awesome while I was making them.  Has anyone else had this happen to them?  I let them sit overnight and we were pleasantly surprised the next morning when they were perfect. 

The only downside to homemade marshmallows?  They have ruined me for packaged marshmallows.

The graham crackers were also an amazing recipe.  I love Smitten Kitchen and have been trying more and more of her recipes.  Dan loves graham crackers and I thought I should make a less sugary dessert.
I took them out while they were a little soft and they hardened up nicely while they were resting.The graham crackers were amazing and got better with time.  I stored them in plastic bags and they lasted for over a week.  The flavors were subtle and I topped some with cinnamon sugar, which definitely added to the flavor.

Overall, these adult S’mores kick regular s’mores butts.  Definitely make these.  They will impress at a party and all of the pieces can be made ahead of time!

Fluffed Up Desserts Marshmallows (be creative and try brown butter sage or creamsicle)
Smitten Kitchen’s Graham Cracker Recipe:
Graham Crackers: Cals: 43, Fat: 1, Carb: 9, Protein:1

Chocolate Caramels from A Farm Girl Dabbles
Cals: 95, Fat: 6, Carb: 11