Cracker jacked

Dan and I haven’t been entertaining much lately. However, my recent baking craze has made it more attractive.  I was out with some friends when one suggested that she wanted to taste some of my food.  I had to invite them over!  My happy hour with them was scheduled for the same week my sister was coming to visit.  We went from not having anyone over to hosting two happy hours in one week!
whole wheat crackers226
I found some cracker recipes online and set out to experiment.  How hard can crackers be? I’ve conquered puff pastry, sandwich bread and pizza dough!  Ummm well, I missed a memo.  Not sure which one, and I’m not sure how to fix this, but when I opened the crackers for the first happy hour  and they were SOFT!  What the heck!  I closed them back up in the Tupperware.  I accidentally left the Tupperware open and when I went to throw away my failed experiment the crackers have cracked up again!  So maybe I shouldn’t have put them in a closed container?

My sister recommended I try her cheese crackers, so that will be my next cracker experiment.  But for the time being I’m going to stick with bagels and breads.  Have no fear, the the other type of crackers I made worked!  But that is a story for another day!

Do you have any cracker tips and tricks?

Whole Wheat Crackers from All Recipes
Yields: 70
Nutritionals: Cals: 29, Fat: 1, Carb 4, Protein 1
rosemary crackers259
Spelt Everything Crackers from The Smitten Kitchen
Yields: 30
Nutritionals: Cals: 26, Carb: 5, Fiber: 1, Protein: 1
rosemary crackers262
Rosemary Crackers from The Fresh Loaf
Yields: 80
Nutritionals: Cals: 12, Carb: 2