Second time is the charm

Remember when I made those ugly cookies?  It turns out my problem is greed.  I made the balls way too big.  I froze some dough after the first round so I decided to remake them and make them smaller this time.
chocolate cookies-005
Success!  These actually seemed to have more flavor.  Maybe it was because I cooked them for less time.  Or maybe because they were MUCH smaller, but these were more awesome.
chocolate cookies-006
I’m still learning about how to best use props in my pictures, this candy cane looks kind of silly.  Oh well!
chocolate cookies-004

On a totally different note, I just want to share with all of you one of my most favorite blogs.  It’s called The Big Picture Blog on the Boston Globe’s website.  They are going through the top pictures from the year.  Each image is so powerful, and capture beautifully all of the world events that make up the year.  Scroll down halfway through the second edition so many are amazing, but as a budding sports photographer, I’m just floored by the cycling photo from the Tour de Suisse.  Just amazing.  Powerful images like these are why I want to be a photographer.