Roasted Salmon and Potatoes with Dill

salmon and potatoes-0004
Dan here again today.  I mentioned a few days ago that I have a strong cheapness radar that alerts me whenever cheap food is present nearby.  Occasionally, however, this super power leads me astray.  A few months ago, I was shopping at King Sooper’s when I discovered that they were selling 3 pound bags of frozen salmon for $3.99 a pound.  Needless to say, I snapped up several bags. 

When I got home, however, I discovered that I had been blinded by the word “salmon” on the packaging and had assumed that the bags contained Atlantic salmon.  Instead, they contained pink salmon, which, while related to the Atlantic salmon, tends to be much drier and is also a common ingredient in cat food.  Fortunately, I had planned to use a recipe from Real Simple, and the recipe was strong enough to make this potentially undelicious fish edible.  Since I didn’t make any substantial changes to the recipe, other than using Russet potatoes in place of red, I am posting a link to it here rather than publishing the full version.  However, if you make it yourself, I would recommend springing for the Atlantic salmon, which would make it a lot tastier. 
Roasted Potatoes with Dill From Real Simple