My weekend project(s)

Man, it was a busy weekend!  I’ve been baking to get rid of stress (and to stop mindless snacking) so I’ve made:


one loaf of rosemary parmesan focaccia



some homemade bagels



a pound of fudge



more gougeres:

parm gougeres-036


a lot of sauce (two batches)sauce-021

two pizzas.  One that puffed up a lot

pizza one-009

and one that didn’t

pizza two-038

I have one more project that is still in process.  It is by far my most ambitious project judging by the fact that I needed a dictionary to figure out the recipe!  But I have no pictures for you now, you will have to wait.


There might have been a lot of stress to work off.  But kneading dough is free therapy!  The recipes will follow!