My first attempt at bread making

My whole family is pretty skilled in the kitchen and despite my interest in food, I have not had much interest in making food.  That was until recently.  I am finding baking to be a nice release of the stress that builds up.  I was making a lot of treats but Dan wasn’t eating them fast enough and I was eating too much.
Dan eats a lot of bread.  Actually, he just eats a lot.  But much of it is bread so, when I was thinking about things to make, one of his suggestions was bread.  He doesn’t like to get too many calories from sugar, so this makes more sense than cookies (not that I won’t be making any more sweets, there will just be a three to one ratio.
This inspiration for this baking experiment came (once again) from Diana from The Chic Life.  She made focaccia look accessible to me.   I also used this recipe from All Recipes.  I did add a little extra oomph to the dough with one teaspoon of this spice mix and one teaspoon of garlic powder.
This bread turned out perfectly.  I followed the instructions perfectly, and got a perfect piece of bread.  I could eat a lot of this.  I do hope Dan gobbles it up while I am at work!  What was the first bread that you made?