holiday treats

Can you believe it’s only a week until Christmas?  I love all of the festivities, special cookies, decorations and festive coffee cups. 

xmas cookies-009

I bought these cookies because they were cute.  I had big plans for using them for photography and then enjoying them.

xmas cookies-011-2

Well, they were fun to photograph.


But not fun to eat.  Stale tasting and bleh.  The gingerbread man didn’t taste like gingerbread at all!

xmas cookies-018

And the Santa, tasted like cardboard.  A few weeks later, Dan and I were in the store and I was hunting for a fun treat to photograph and he gently told me no.  He said that he has no desire to eat these things anymore.

xmas cookies-022

He said he would eat my homemade cookies, but has no desire to eat these anymore.  And thus ended my store bought treats trend.  I guess I need to do some more baking!