Gingerbread Pancakes

gingerbread pancakes-010

Dan here today.  Beth and I went out to dinner in Boulder with some friends a couple of weeks ago, and for dessert, she ordered a slice of gingerbread spice cake.  From that point on, she was on a bit of a gingerbread kick, which led to these.  It also led me to look for a recipe for gingerbread pancakes. 

gingerbread pancakes-005

I found one here that worked pretty well, although the first time I tried making them, they didn’t seem to be gingerbread-y enough.  I tried again with double the molasses and ginger, and that seemed to work much better, although to really get the gingerbread effect, I think I would probably have to dump in a ton more sugar. 

gingerbread pancakes-002

Still, it’s nice to experiment with different types of pancakes on the weekend.  I’ll have to try making these again sometime soon, too.  And perhaps I should find a way to put some butternut squash into pancakes, since I have six of them lined up on the dining room table.  (It was 27 cents a pound, so I decided to stock up).