Basic Gougeres

Work has been super stressful lately and I’ve been trying to find good outlets for my stress.  Dan and I have started taking daily walks together and I’ve been baking.  I love baking.  I love taking a few random ingredients that, by themselves, do nothing, and put them together into a concoction.
There is no smell better than something cooking in the oven.  I love wondering if what I did was correct or not.  I love wondering if the altitude would affect the final product.  The mystery of it all is the best part of the process.

My cookies don’t seem to turn out, but my other baked goods do.  A few months ago I went to Colt and Grey and got some gougeres.  Those were amazing.  Tiny cheese puffs covered in blue cheese dust.  I still haven’t figured out how to make the blue cheese dust, but I have now made the cheddar gougeres, and they are amazing.
I am always a little worried that my baked good won’t rise like they are supposed to   They finally came out of the oven and looked perfect.  They were much larger than I think I would make again.  That being said, they were delicious. 
Each puff was cheesy, eggy and airy.  If they were smaller they would be a great appetizer.  As it is, they are a tasty bread side dish.  I am interested in adding in different cheeses and herbs to see how that would turn out, I will definitely try these again!

Basic Gougeres from Food & Wine Magazine

Nutritionals (40 gougeres): Cals: 50, Fat: 4, Carb: 3, Protein: 2