weekend projects

I love finding new weekend photo project material for two reasons.  The first is that it is fun to find new foods and photographing them.  The second is that it is fun to eat new foods!  I always see Madeline's at starbucks but I never buy them.
When I saw them at the store I decided that they were perfect because they came in a small enough package for me to not have them stick around all week.  They also seemed like something Dan would eat and Finally I love the shape, it is so different that I had to photograph them.
I took these photos outside on my west facing balcony.  I have made a box out of white poster board that has a tissue paper top to let in the natural light.
I used my D700 on a tripod and with a time delay set (still haven’t figured out how to use my remote control with this camera)
I am trying to add in props into my photos but I’m obviously not adding too much yet.  Soon though!

Any suggestions of a food I should photograph next?