I have not gotten the chance to go to a bloggie conference yet.(scheduling, time off etc)  It seems like they always spark a new trend across the blogs and this years foodbuzz festival is no different.  However, this time I jumped on the bandwagon!  Who knows, maybe I’ll actually be able to make it to a conference at some point!


What band wagon did I jump on?  None other than the Chocolate Chip Dough Ball trend!  I spent all week following Diana from The Chic Life’s trials and errors in perfecting this recipe.  I think it was after the second post about it that I decided that I had to taste these.

cookie dough balls-009

Finally, Diana perfected the recipe and so I went to the grocery store to get the ingredients.  The only thing I really needed was chocolate chips and I was convinced (it doesn’t take much to convince me, I swear, I’m an advertisers’ dream) to get both mint chocolate chips, butterscotch and semi-sweet chips.  Don’t worry, I did not combine the mint chocolate with the butterscotch!  Instead I made two different batches.

cookie dough balls-006

I’m always a little nervous about baking at altitude but I decided to follow her instructions and hope for the best.

cookie dough balls-015

Success! These are good!  I couldn’t wait the 10 minutes she recommends to eat them.  The downside, they are pretty calorie dense.  Maybe I’ll work on a lower calorie version?

cookie dough balls-024

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ball Recipe (click here!)


Nutritionals(per cookie for 18 cookies): Cals: 121, Fat: 6, Carb: 20, Fiber: 1, Protein: 2