Over the mountain and through the snow

Our concierge recommended Ajax Tavern for our final meal in Aspen.  We were on a deadline so we were once again one of the first people in the restaurant.  I think Dan and I will make great senior citizens. 

Ajax Tavern must be an amazing place to dine when the mountain is open, it is situated right next to one of the lifts and probably has awesome people watching with all of the comings and goings.

We had to imagine all of the hustle and bustle because it was quiet and vacant when we visited.  We were pleased to find out that we were not the only diners eating at the time.  Dan had decided to order a lamb sandwich and he said it was pretty good.
I decided to order a burger and was pleasantly surprised at how well it was cooked.  The bun was also really good.  I’m usually disappointed by hamburger buns, eventually tossing half, this one was delicious and very important to help me keep the sauce, cheese and lettuce together.
After lunch we walked through the Aspen farmers market, I love to walk through farmers markets.  I never really buy anything since I never have cash, and I’m never sure if the sellers take credit.  After we checked out of the hotel we were on the road again for our next adventure to Independence Pass.

We saw a picture at my in-laws friends house that really stayed with us.  They said it was taken at Independence Pass so it was high on my to-do list.  We weren’t disappointed.independence pass-007
The aspens were all yellow and just amazing.
independence pass-002
However, I can’t look at these pictures without wishing that I had tilted my camera down just a little more.  I wish I had shot down through the forest.
independence pass-035
Despite that, it was amazing.independence pass-020
It was also just a little chilly, not too bad.
independence pass-021
After a few more pictures we headed out and up the mountain on our way to the pass.independence pass-032
It was then that the weather changed
independence pass-048
These pictures were taken about 20 minutes apart.
independence pass-057
It was significantly colder at 12,00 feet.  We walked around a little but were too cold to go far.
independence pass-058
After we descended the mountain we made another stop in Vail to meet up with our friends Brad and Tina.  Since snow was on the schedule for Vail that night we headed out before dusk.  That night ended with us sleeping in our apartment.  While the trip was amazing, nothing is more fun than getting back to the familiar.

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