Mmm Chicken

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “recipe” per se, as a tasty herb combination to use inside a Roast Chicken in place of the basil.  We had some leftover fresh sage and fresh thyme from other recipes, so I combined those with some dried rosemary and garlic to make a yummy herb blend.  Of course, I could also just have purchased the “poultry blend” of fresh herbs at the grocery store for the same effect, but this way I can pretend I made it up myself.  That’s all I have to say, so I’ll leave you with some pictures.
roast chicken-020
That is one fine looking chicken.

roast chicken-014
On second thought, if you look at it from this angle, the neck hole looks like a huge gaping mouth, the herb patches look like huge eyes, and the legs are devil horns.
roast chicken-021
And now I’ll have nightmares.