macaron or macaroon?

I was meeting with my boss awhile ago and someone mentioned a cupcake truck, her response was “aren’t cupcakes out and macarons in these days?”  I’m not sure if cupcakes are totally out, but macarons are totally in!
But it leads me to some questions. 1) are these spelled with one “o” and the coconut confection is spelled with two?  1.5) If the meringue version is spelled with one “o” then why does my spell check yell at me?
2) Why are there two very different desserts with practically the same name?!
I bought these at Target because I’ve been seeing them all over the blog world and haven’t had a chance to taste one.
Coincidentally (not ironically!) enough the conference I attended this week also served macarons. 
My verdict?  Tasty, but not craveworthy.  The lemon macaron was the best.  Of course, I’ve only had mass produced macarons so who am I to judge?
Where have you found your favorite macaron?  How do you spell it?  Do you have a recipe that I should try?