I hate my glasses

Before I get into my glasses saga, how was your Halloween?  Dan and I went to my friends party and since we don’t really do a lot of dressing up in costumes, we decided to go a bit low key.  When Dan was 8, he wanted to be a pitcher for the Orioles, when I was 8, I wanted to be a marine biologist.(pictures later)

I was really close to picking out a dolphin pillow pet for my costume, but because it was for kids 3+, I decided to get something that Keira can enjoy.  Although, I did have to explain my costume to everyone!
Now, back to my glasses saga…I didn’t start wearing glasses until high school, and that was only to read the blackboard (do they even still have blackboards are chalk?)  I didn’t want to cost my mom too much so I picked the cheapest I could find and picked an octagonal frame.  I’m sorry I don’t have pictures, you’ll just have to trust that they are ugly.
not a picture of my glasses, these noodles are much prettier!

It wasn’t until college when I needed a stronger prescription that I got a nicer set of frames.  Since my first frame selection was a fiasco I am always nervous about selecting the right frames.

I picked out a great pair in 2006.  I kept wearing them for years and I just discovered them again.  The prescription isn’t that far off. (really bad self portrait!)
I found these frames last year and really liked the size compared to my face.  (even worse self portrait!)
I was looking for transitions lenses this year since I’ve been having issues with my contacts and my eyes are really sensitive and hate to be in the sun without sunglasses.  The only problem?  They’re ugly!
What do you think?  They are just too big for my face and I hate them.  I really need to exchange or return them.  Good thing America’s Best has a decent return policy.

What about you?  Do you have issues with picking out new glasses?