a gem of a city

Not every stop on our trip was a rousing success.  We had heard that the waterfall in Ouray was a must see from a few people.  After these reviews we tacked on a side trip to Ouray and were excited to see this gem of a town.


The town was pretty cute.  It was nestled in high mountains that gave it the feeling of a Swiss hamlet.




We were excited to see what the waterfall was like.Ouray-003

But then we got closer and thought that if the sound matched the visual we were in for an awesome walk.Ouray-006

Then we got to the end of the path and this was all we could see.Ouray-011

we thought that maybe if we walked down the staircase we’d get a better view.


Nope.  Same view! (this is a pic of the other direction)


So then we thought we’d hike the steep trail.  That must have an amazing overhead view.


This wasn’t a very long trail, but it was pretty steep. We were hoping that it would pay off.Ouray-037

It didn’t.  This is a view of the stream from above.  There was absolutely no view of the waterfall.  Fail!  We did have a good view of the town of Ouray.


After our failed trip we hopped in the car and were off to our next destination!