One of the best thing about going somewhere off season is that there are no crowds (living through tourist season in DC has me hating crowded places!)  Aspen was pretty quiet and that was just fine with us!  We showed up at Elevation just after it had opened and were seated at the one windowed seat in the dining area. 
Because it was the off season Elevation offered a Prix Fix menu that we both took advantage of.  This works out very well for Dan who eats his meal (he does share a taste) and about half of mine.  So with this option we were able to sample almost everything on the menu.

For an appetizer, Dan ordered the Tomato and Sage soup:  the sage was not overpowering but added a great accent and was surprising change from the typical tomato basil soup. I had decided to order the Pistachio Gnocchi: I love the crunch of the pistachio in the gnocchi.  The peas added a little freshness in this heavy dish, the mushrooms were delicious and the pancetta finished the dish perfectly.
We had debated on which entrees to select and I had decided to select the Braised Short ribs, truffled polenta and roasted broccoli.  When I saw all the sauce on the plate I was worried that the polenta and broccoli would get watered down and smooshy.  The broccoli held up perfectly under the short ribs and were the perfect crispy-ness.  The Short ribs melted under my fork.  The sauce was a little heavy in some places but I could focus on the meat and the meat was fabulous.  I saved the best for last, the truffled polenta was amazing.  This is something that Dan and I need to make at home.  The truffle flavor was front and center and it added just the right umami to this dish.
Dan had selected the Rocky Mountain Trout:  The fish cooked perfectly and was paired with light and fresh vegetables.  The mashed potatoes were delicious but couldn’t compare to the polenta.
Dessert was an easy choice for Dan, as soon as we saw the menu Dan knew he’d order the Palisades Peaches Crisp:  Dan was so excited about this dish.  I was only able to get a bite and that bite was delicious.  I could have done without the nuts but it was fresh.(notice Dan’s hand, spoon at the ready waiting for my to finish photographing)
I was in the mood for chocolate so I ordered the Milk Chocolate Cremosa.  I was really excited about the salted milk chocolate and man was it tasty.  I’m not always a fan of nuts in my desserts but I loved the combination of the crunchy and salty peanuts, the rich milk chocolate and the sweet banana.  The toast points were just ok, but the milk chocolate was the perfect end to this rich meal.
On our way home from dinner we saw this “thumbing station”  I had no idea they existed!
We knew that Aspen would probably bring us the best food of the trip, and boy were we right.  We even had one meal left!

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