The Cheese Shop

It would seem that my crazy fall has led me to fall behind on some of my posts.  That is why you’ll see some old photos from before the craziness began! 

This post is from my trip to Virginia to see my sister, her husband and Keira. 

We were walking around the Williamsburg and had to stop by The Cheese Shop.  With a name like The Cheese Shop, I just had to order my favorite sandwich, Grilled Cheese.
cheese shop-099
This time I ordered it with some sun dried tomatoes.
cheese shop-100
This was cheesy and warm and delicious.
cheese shop-101
It was paired with my favorite soda, Limonata.
cheese shop-102
I think my meal was the highlight of all three orders, I think that says something about simple classics being a great bet.

The only downside to the Cheese Shop is the lack of seating.  We ended up joining a nice man sitting by himself.  Keira made sure that we were all entertained for the entire meal.  (she just LOVES dogs!)
Keira Baptism091110-096
It’s amazing how different meals with a baby are.  They are more entertaining because she is always doing something, but they are definitely not relaxing.  The first few nights I was at my sister’s place, we had dinner after Keira went to sleep and those were wonderful times to get to catch up with my sister and brother-in-law.  So, I feel like we got the best of both worlds.

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