Dan and I had never been to Aspen before so we turned to Amy for a recommendation.  She said that we check out Brunelleschi’s [ broon’ a-let’s ski] that we check this place out and so Dan and I were excited to see that it was open for lunch!
Amy recommended that we try the pretzel breadsticks so we got that as our appetizer and they were delicious, Dan doesn’t like mustard so I got all of it. yay me!  There is something about pretzels and mustard that I really like.
When we were picking out our entree we were joking that this was the fourth time that we have had pizza on our trip.  We opted for the pizza special called “The Colby” a cheese pizza with truffle oil, pancetta, arugula and shaved parmesan.
As you can see the arugula was beautifully piled up in the middle of the pizza but it was had to figure out how to divvy it up among all of the pieces.  Once we did we gobbled that pizza really quickly.  The only thing I’d change about the pizza would be a little more truffle oil, but it was a nice surprise when we got a bite that had a strong truffle oil taste.
I’m realizing that Dan and I need to incorporate truffle oil into more of our dishes, we have a bottle of it sitting in our pantry just waiting for us to open it and we haven’t used much at all.

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