Why the west is grand

I had no idea how amazing the west really is.  Pictures can not do this justice.  We were both excited to finally see the Grand Canyon, but when we saw a sign for the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos.  Since we hit Taos first, we were both so impressed by it!


We parked in a totally sketchy parking lot and joined the tourists on the bridge over the gorge.


It is pretty grand, no?


Of course not nearly as grand as the grand canyon.

Grand Canyon-005

Yeah, that’s big.

Grand Canyon-011

I love the illustrations on some of the signs.  Check out the poor guy falling off the edge.

Grand Canyon-013

Dan wanted to hike down the trail into the canyon, but I was a bit of a scaredy cat.  The path wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated.

Grand Canyon-018

But it would have been more fun to ride a mule.

Grand Canyon-022

I wonder if they mind have their faces in the other mule’s butt.

Grand Canyon-023

We were pretty deep down there

Grand Canyon-034

But there was a lot further to go…

Grand Canyon-039

We headed up about a mile down but were a bit worried about storms and so we climbed back out.  I wish we had walking sticks!

Grand Canyon-033

Once we got to the top we decided to go to Powell’s Point (my maiden name). 

Grand Canyon-041

Unfortunately, the skies had opened up and Dan and I were woefully unprepared. Grand Canyon-046

I wish I could capture the rain

Grand Canyon-047

I could capture that we looked like drowned rats


Unfortunately, the rain interrupted part of our hike, but at least we had gone down into the canyon already!


Have you been to the grand canyon?  What was your favorite part?