truffle pig

Dan and I are currently traveling around the west for both work and fun, so I will share some of our adventures on here over the next few weeks.

“It only takes them a day to be trained to find truffles, but it takes years to train them not to eat them” – quote from the truffle pig menu.

When we saw that there was a restaurant called The Truffle Pig near our hotel in Steamboat, we couldn’t resist! 

Unfortunately the menu didn’t include any truffles but that night featured a French family style dinner and so I chose the vegetarian gnocchi option.  I’m not vegetarian, but it sounded so much better than the other options. The gnocchi was perfection and the broccolini was perfectly cooked.  The onions were too big and Dan got all of those but I loved the olive oil and parmesan sauce the whole dish was mixed with.
and the lemon pudding for dessert.  This was yummy but small :(
It was really tasty, but there was not enough selection.  But then again what do you expect in a vacation town in the offseason?

The final morning we were in Steamboat we saw this.
I was so impressed by the balloon that I took a picture.  Little did I know that what the next few days had in store for me would blow this little balloon out of the water!

Stay tuned for the next stop on our grand adventure!

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