Save the ta-tas

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. 
Balloon Fiesta-415
A few years ago a doctor found a lump in my breast.  I was in my early 20s and I hadn’t been very good at doing self exams.  The weeks between the initial doctor's visit and my mammogram were some of the scariest that I’ve had.  Thankfully the tests came back negative and I left with a clean bill of health.   Balloon Fiesta-416
When Dan and I saw these balloons roll out I knew immediately what they were.
Balloon Fiesta-422
I was taking these pictures when one of the balloonists started showing me all of the best places to take pictures.
Balloon Fiesta-424
She first let me look up the balloon from the bottom.  It was so cool to see the vast space inside there.
Balloon Fiesta-425 Then we walked around to the top and she let me look down to the bottom of the balloon.Balloon Fiesta-427
Finally she took a picture of me with “the girls.”  It was so nice to get a personalized tour around one of these balloons.  Especially one with this much meaning.Balloon Fiesta-429 After taking this picture my new friend told me to step back so I could get a picture of the nips.  Never thought I’d hear that at a balloon fiesta!Balloon Fiesta-433
Balloon Fiesta-440
Balloon Fiesta-445
All you ladies out there, please do your self a favor and test early, test often.  It could save your life.

What is the most unique way you’ve seen someone bring awareness to Breast Cancer Awareness Month?