Petrified Forest

Needless to say Dan and I saw a LOT on our Wild West Trip.  After we left the balloon fiesta we decided to stop at the Petrified Forest.  Dan had remembered reading about it in school and so he was excited to check it out.  We started at the painted desert.  Once again this view paled in comparison to the Grand Canyon but we definitely appreciated it!Petrified Forest-010

Our first hike of the day was the rim trail.  This was much less traveled than the Grand Canyon rim trail.

Petrified Forest-027

Our next stop was the prehistoric homesteaders.

Petrified Forest-041

The coolest part of the homesteaders was the petroglyphs.

Petrified Forest-046

Look, it’s a stork!

Petrified Forest-043

Then we went to the blue desert.  This hike was a little bit more challenging, but only because it included a steep downhill and loose gravel.  yikes!Petrified Forest-098

Hi Dan!

Petrified Forest-2

Wow, that’s a big picture!  On our drive around the park we saw the Tepees.  I don’t know about you, but these looked like giant candy corn.

Petrified Forest-068

Yes, my mind is always on food

Petrified Forest-060

This bird followed up around all day.

Petrified Forest-077

Doesn’t this rock formation look like a little girl with a cartoon duck kissing her on the forehead?

Petrified Forest-082

Then we were off to the crystal forest, I was SO excited to see this sight but was slightly disappointed when we arrived.  I’m not sure what I expected, I guess it was trees with crystals hanging from it.  That wasn’t a logical mental image.  We did see some crystals.Petrified Forest-126

But no, we didn’t take any.

Petrified Forest-119

We made a few other stops but this post is getting pretty long.  The most amazing thing about the petrified forest is that each stop we made was in a very different area.  We got to see so much that day it was amazing.  We highly recommend that if you haven’t already, check out this park.  It’s amazing!