the kitchen minions

I’ve changed my name!  Last week when Dan and I were driving around the west we were brainstorming on how to improve the blog.  So we decided to change two things.


1. Change the title from Fat Buster to something broader


2. Have Dan post more


I’ve been thinking about changing Fat Buster for awhile.  As you can all tell, I’ve not really been focusing on busting fat recently (although I did work out today!)  So I no longer thought Fat Buster was appropriate.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t keep working on my healthy habits, just that I’m expanding my focus and bringing Dan in more.  So that leads me to #2.  Since he’s doing most of the cooking we thought it could be more interesting to hear how it goes for him.


How did we get to Kitchen Minions?  Well, I really wanted the title to reflect the both of us and that we are doing different kitchen related tasks, Dan cooks I photograph.  We decided that Minions was general enough to include both of our specialties.


So, welcome to Kitchen Minions! will continue to divert to Kitchen Minions so I hope that there won’t be any issues with getting to the blog.  If you do have issues, please let me know!


What do you think of the new header and title?