Is it getting hot in here?

Anyone that has driven North West through Colorado on 9 and or 40 has seen the F.M. Light & Sons signs.  Dan and I saw them when we drove to Vernal, Utah last year and we really wanted to stop but we didn’t. 

We set out to rectify that on this trip and a bunch of us drove to downtown steamboat to check out the deals that we had read about for 40 miles into town.  I have to say that it was a success!  I found a few super cute gifts for my niece.  Only one of which I’ll show you (the rest are a surprise!)

She just loved ducks when I visited and Melissa said that she hadn’t found any duck stuffed animals yet.  So here you go! I’ll bring them with me in November!
After F.M. Light we grabbed a quick dinner and headed off for our main adventure, Strawberry Park Hot Springs.  Dan and I have wanted to go to these hot springs since we moved here and we finally had a chance!  We had read that they are clothing optional (and 18&older) after dark and so we were a little nervous but little did we know that it would look like this

hot springs-013
except for the stars.  The stars were just freakin’ amazing.  I haven’t seen that many since I was in Dalarna, Sweden (very north and in the middle of nowhere) We went into four different pools with different temperatures.  It was amazing to just float around and watch the stars.  The only problem was that it was so so cold whenever we got out!  But that did just make the springs so much more refreshing.  After a long day of work it was just what the doctor ordered, I left feeling more refreshed and relaxed than I had in a long time.  Oh, and yes we did wear bathing suits.