Blue Moose

By the time Dan and I made it into Vail we were pretty hungry and so we took a short walk into Lionshead village to find some lunch.  One of the downsides of going to all of these locations during the off season is that not everything is open, but we found a cute pizza place that had an option we couldn’t refuse.
 blue moose-144237
The Blue Moose offered a goat cheese, mushroom and truffle oil pizza that turned both of our heads.
 blue moose-143219
As you can see they weren’t joking around with the toppings.  Unfortunately, the piece had so much on it that neither of us could eat very much and some of the pie went uneaten.  It’s crazy to see how much less Dan can eat now that he’s not training!
After lunch we headed over to Amy and Jordan’s wedding!
It was a beautiful affair but I forgot to take pictures during the reception!  Congrats Amy and Jordan!

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