special weekend

My mom has made special cakes for each of our special occasions growing up.  Most of them have been elaborate designs to depict the theme of the party, as with the individual sleeping bag cakes for my 7 year old sleep over party.  Or she made them to go with our favorite toys, for example she made me a she-ra (shera?) sword for another of my young birthdays.

My sisters and I are now boring and enjoy layered cakes.  My mom is excited that there is now a new generation that will enjoy her masterpieces. 

My niece was baptised this past weekend and to celebrate the occasion my mom made a cake of my nieces favorite teddy bear wearing the baptismal dress that my mom made (yes, she is multi-talented.  No, I don’t have her level of skill!)  Keira’s favorite bear is called Christmas bear.

Keira Baptism091110-189
I’m impressed with how well my mom replicated this bear!
Keira Baptism091110-186
The feet and ears are green and red because the bear’s feet and ears are green and red.  She used fruit roll ups for those pieces.  She used m&m’s for the nose and the cross necklace.  She used bubble tape for the trim of the dress and fondant to make the dress.
Keira Baptism091110-293
it’s hard to see in this picture but she has pink flower details in the dress and she replicated them in the cake with gel icing. Keira-443
Isn’t she precious?!  Isn’t my mom talented?!  I am always amazed at the amazing things she can create with her hands and her imagination.