I am no stranger to obsession, whether it’s about animals (penguins, dolphins etc) or swimming or photography.  These passions/obsessions often take over a lot of brain space and guide my free time (research, internships etc).  I have never only been FAT.  I’ve been a swimmer, a photographer, a staffer etc. 


That’s not to say that it doesn’t impact everything I do, but it’s not all I talk about (obviously, I barely mention it here!)  I should find my motivation again, but that’s another story for another day. 


Last weekend I was watching some of the new prime time shows and I must admit that I was excited to see Mike and Molly.  Melissa McCarthy is adorable and I loved her character on Gilmore Girls, especially the way Suki was written to actually have a life, a successful love story and career.  There was very little attention to her weight on Gilmore Girls.


Since Drop Dead Diva has been such a success I was hoping that leading plus sized ladies would become more accepted.  Unfortunately, Mike and Molly pretty much only focused on stereotypes (and not just fat stereotypes, every character was just a caricature).  The laugh track seemed so wrong since I spent most of the show cringing.


Have you seen Mike and Molly?  What did you think?  Which shows do you think portray plus sized characters in the best light?