baby bootcamp

I had a fantastic time with the cutest little girl ever this weekend.  She was SO CLOSE to walking on her own but it wasn’t until I landed back in Denver that my sister said that she had taken three steps.Keira Baptism091110-031
My sister called the weekend “baby bootcamp” (no, I am not pregnant, I just wanted some quality time!) and I definitely learned so much, like some babies can be held into a highchair by the tray alone, while others need a harness.  Keira is such an active baby that she doesn't want to sit still too long!
Keira Baptism091110-007
A love of reading can start really early.  And, some babies like to read upside down.
Keira Baptism091110-123
The urge to shop starts early.
Keira Baptism091110-195
Toys without an on/off switch are very dangerous, but will invariably be a baby favorite.
Keira Baptism091110-221
big kids are the bees knees.
Keira Baptism091110-471
and no matter how much a kid likes peaches and other sweet things…she might not like cake.
Keira Baptism091110-519
This dislike of cake better turn around or else I’m going to question if we are related.(Melissa, I’m just kidding!)


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