Happy Birthday Keira!

Today is my niece Keira’s first birthday!  I know I said I was back to food posts but I couldn’t resist!  She got so many gifts around her baptism for her birthday I hope it’s not a let down for her. (Yes, I know that she’s 1 and probably doesn’t know the difference between one party and the next)  She did have a great time the day after the baptism playing with all of her birthday and baptism gifts. 

Keira Baptism091210-001

She would go methodically between one gift and the next.Keira Baptism091210-004 She tried to figure out how each toy worked and what she was supposed to do with it.

Keira Baptism091210-042

When she got bored of the large gifts, she grabbed one toy in each hand and another in her mouth.  Of course that didn’t stop her from eyeing a fourth toy!Keira Baptism091210-031

When I was in Pennsylvania in June I asked my friend Jessie what it was like to have kids.  I’ll never forget her answer.  She said that it was a different kind of fun.  Not better, not worse, just different.


I could see that during my trip east last week.  It was so interesting to watch Keira explore the world.  Very different than a trip with just adults, but really, really fun. 


So, happy birthday Keira!