a family affair

The baptism was Saturday and almost all of Keira’s family was there.  As I said the other day, my mom made her dress, but what I didn’t say was that the dress had elements of my sister’s wedding dress.  Those buttons were from the back of her dress.
Keira Baptism091110-249
And the collar was the piping on the waist of my sisters dress.Keira Baptism091110-454
Another special moment of the weekend was that my dad baptized Keira.  Keira Baptism091110-333
I haven’t asked if I could post pictures of my sister’s in-laws so that is why they are missing from these pictures.  But it was really special to have most of her in-laws there, especially Keira’s cousins(I'm also refraining from posting their faces since I haven't asked).  It was so much fun to see how much Keira loves her cousins and how much her cousins love her.

It was such a special occasion. One thing about baptizing a one year old is that she did not want to sit still.  First she got hungry.Keira Baptism091110-280
Then she wanted to visit with my mom.
Keira Baptism091110-301
Then she wanted to practice pushing the stroller around with her Aunt Regina.
Keira Baptism091110-325
And then when it came time for pictures she wanted to crawl around the church so my sister tried to keep her entertained by dipping her.Keira Baptism091110-359
She apparently loves to get dipped and so she has learned to throw all 21 lbs of her body weight back to make Melissa dip her again.Keira Baptism091110-361
What a smart baby.  And yes, I do realize that this is a food blog, but with a niece like mine I can’t resist!

p.s. check out her shoes! SO CUTE! 

p.p.s. none of these pictures of her are in focus because she doesn’t stop moving!