eggs galore!

Megs asked to go to snooze after she read all of my reviews and I was glad to see that there were items on the menu that she could enjoy.  Unfortunately, none of the pancakes were both gluten and dairy free.

We started the day with an almost 3 mile walk to the restaurant.  I love how crisp summer mornings are in Denver, the weather is just perfect.  When we got to the restaurant we were relieved to see that the wait was only a half hour so I grabbed a cup of coffee and a menu and we sat outside with all of the other waiting folks and planned out our meals.

When we got seated we decided to celebrate her visit with a choose your own mimosa.  I got pineapple and she got cranberry.
We were both craving eggs, and the eggs Benedict could be made both gluten and dairy free so Megs ordered the  Bella Benny

Thin slices of prosciutto, brie cheese, and perfectly poached eggs on our house made English muffin, topped with cream cheese hollandaise, balsamic glaze and arugula.

She skipped the hollandaise and the brie and had gluten free toast.  She liked it so much that she almost licked the plate!
I couldn’t decide between the Bella Benny and the Caprese Benny

Thick heirloom tomato slices topped with fresh mozzarella, poached eggs, and topped with cream cheese hollandaise, basil pesto and a light balsamic drizzle.

I mentioned my dilemma to the incredibly helpful waitress who suggested that I go half and half.
I know this isn’t that healthful, but it was tasty!  Instead of hash browns I got one of the special of the day pancakes (blueberry)

Yeah, this was my meal on Sunday.  But MAN it was worth it!  Snooze never disappoints.  Once again Megs left a restaurant full and satisfied.  Yay!  So, mission accomplished!

I love how Denver has so many local restaurants that accommodate food allergies.  We ate like queens all weekend and made sure to walk off as many of the calories as possible.  The three mile walk home was almost therapeutic after a breakfast like this!

Overall it was a major success!
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For breakfast, do you want savory or sweet or both?