Colt and Grey

It seems like there is a lot of change happening these days.  I feel like some friendships last through change (moves, job transitions, marriage, break ups, hook ups)  and some don’t. 

D.C. was notorious for people coming and going.  It seemed that just as I was getting to know someone, something would change and our friendship would whither away.  It is really sad.  That is why I was upset when my friend Annissa switched jobs a few months ago.  We were having such a good time and I was worried that our friendship wouldn’t last.

Thank goodness she’s pretty Type A and has decided that she and I, along with my friend Marci (who is also moving on to a new job. Booo!) would get together every other week.
So far, we’ve been good about it.  We have only hit up Denver bars so far but will be venturing out to a different part of the front range next time. 

Annissa had picked Colt and Grey for one reason:
Blue Cheese Dusted Gougères.  I love being friends with foodies!  Gougères are cheese puffs and are amazing.  These were piping hot and the blue cheese dust was perfect.  It was like a savory donut.  And it was amazing.  We ordered two of these.

The other appetizer that we picked was the Bacon Cashew Carmel Corn

IMG_20100915_175127 (2)
This was pretty tasty, but not as amazing as the Gougères so it was still leftover after we had eaten every morsel of the two servings of Gougères.

I love the restaurant scene in Denver.  Even more, I love being able to get together with friends and gab over good food and tasty drinks.

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Do you have regularly scheduled happy hours with your friends?  How long have you been doing it?