Boulder Cafe

Our adventures continued on Saturday with a walk around downtown Denver
and a drive up lookout mountain.  Megs wanted to see mountains but the trip wasn’t long enough to go that far into the mountains. 034
After our trip up the mountain we headed up to Boulder to find dinner and do some window shopping.  The window shopping turned into actual shopping (oops) and dinner turned out better than I had thought!  We were enticed by some amazing smells and wandered into the Boulder Cafe. 
Thankfully it indicated which dishes were gluten free and despite a waiter that wasn’t that interested in finding out what was in the dishes, Megs was able to have an allergy free dinner. 

We started with some gluten free French fries with chipotle rhubarb and buttermilk dipping sauce.  So SO good.
For our main dish, Megs got shrimp and salmon skewers on zucchini and with wild rice.
I got coconut shrimp with steamed spinach and butternut squash mash.  I asked about what was in the mash but couldn’t find out (waiter decided not to ask the chef).053
Despite the not great wait service, the dinner was amazing.  We walked back to the car full and content.

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Have you found a restaurant that was particularly helpful with allergies?